Joe Gaus and Best Check Home Inspections, LLC are licensed by the State of New York to conduct Home Inspections. Joe received his New York State required training from the American Building Inspection and Training Company (ABITCO), one of the best training organizations of its kind anywhere in the country.  Joe has a strong versatile background that started early in his life. Born in Watertown N.Y., and being brought up in a family that owned several rental properties, Joe  was involved in the maintenance, repair and renovation of those as well as the family home. Joe has also has owned renovated and maintained his own rental properties and has assisted in the building of homes for family and friends, not to mention the maintenance, repair and renovation of his own homes.

     Joe also has also worked in the engineering department for the City of Watertown for over 20 years. His duties there included record keeping, property and construction survey work, design of infrastructure of all kinds and construction inspection and supervision. During his time there he has worked with professional architects, engineers, and surveyors along with code enforcement officials and contractors from every discipline in almost every aspect of the construction industry.

    Joes' experience enables him to observe, analyze and understand most problems and situations quickly and more importantly communicate them to people in a reassuring manner that is easy to understand, And let’s be honest a home buying or selling experience can be very stressful on everyone involved, so this reassurance can go a long way in making the buying /selling experience a smoother process.  Best Check Home Inspections, LLC offers Home Inspections for Buyers and Sellers, Radon Testing, Septic Dye Testing, Water Flow and Water Quality Testing at competative rates. Remember... " Best Check Before You Buy"

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